King Conan

Dreamscape (1984)

Vincent Kohler - vernis et laque, 2012, lithographie rehaussée sur Rives, 70 x 50 cm

Vincent Kohler - Moquette, 2012, Huile sur toile, 100 x 70 cm

Vincent Kohler

» Character(s)


Having character is something I value alot in lettering. You need characters to tell a story, actors to act out a play.

So, when everytime I look at a piece and I can imagine the letters having a certain character by the way they are positioned and by their expression, it tells me a story. The…



Technical Imperfection

When I started writing graffiti, I would look at pieces by my favourite writers in awe. I wondered how they came up with certain connections, why their colourschemes were so perfect, how they made the outlines so clean and so on. The puzzle that those pieces represented for me…